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2006 - Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter


May 2006: Concerned at the growing incidents of police homophobia & other hate crimes in Cornwall Lidbury along with some other LGBT persons began ‘Fagbutts’ community newsletter…’because Cornwall was the dog end of LGBT equality’. Initially Fagbutts was intended as a short report compiled by a few gay people about homophobic incidents in Cornwall.


Peter Tatchell Human Rights Campaigner wrote of Fagbutts:


“Great stuff! Well done. The issues you raise are really important and I would like to help you get coverage” , Peter Tatchell 2006


However the homophobic Devon & Cornwall police response to gay people in Cornwall raising concerns about homophobic hate crime via a gay newsletter was very, very different.


Devon & Cornwall Police 2006 Quote:- “The Constabulary will not tolerate such (*gay) publications nor the distribution of such publications and will take robust action against you should such documents be published and distributed in the future”


June 2006: Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter. Front Cover. Cornwall LGBT History. Cornish Gay Equality Homophobia.


NB: Intercom Trust:

2006: Lidbury mistakenly approached the Intercom Trust in Devon for help & support as a gay man repeatedly subjected to police homophobia & hate crimes. Lidbury asked Dr Michael Halls of Intercom Trust to provide expert witness at Civil Court but was declined.  Lidbury raised with Andy Hunt of Intercom that he ‘Lidbury’ was a historic Child Sex Abuse survivor from a pedophile ring (operating in 1960’s -1970).  Lidbury was then & subsequently repeatedly since, subjected to victimization from Intercom Trust to silence him as a multiple hate crime victim, as a victim & critic of homophobic police & as a victim/survivor of historic child rape & abuse.  Earlier ICT newsletter from 1995:


Intercom Trust began airbrushing out of Cornwall LGBT History (for 30 pieces of funding?) the long history of Devon & Cornwall police homophobia (-on going).  The Intercom Trust, & others appeasing too homophobic police & have worked to eradicate Lidbury from Cornwall LGBT history


24th August 2006: Lidbury was again violently assaulted Angel Hotel, Helston whilst playing pool with gay friends. The entire assault captured on CCTV.  Once again none of the other gay witnesses present (Purslow, Wilson, Midwood, Lawson - Pearce ) felt confident in involving Cornwall’s well-known & renowned homophobic police force.

Lidbury’s complaints of multiple police misconduct lead to two separate but unsatisfactory 'partial' investigations by Independent Police Complaints Commission 2004/2006. These resulted in numerous recommendations being made to Devon & Cornwall Constabulary of needed improvement of public service. 


NB: Lidbury also raised in 2004 with IPCC in initial interview his having reported being a child abuse victim (1966-1970) to Devon & Cornwall police from 1987.  Lidbury was ignored & disregarded by the Independent Police Complaints Commission…and has repeatedly & continued to be ignored in subsequent communications to the IPCC up to 2015.  The IPCC complicite in covering up police misconduct & police criminality in covering up multiple child rape.


August 2006: Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter. Front Cover. 


Sept 2006 Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter. Front cover.


DEC 2006: Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter. Front Cover. 


Jan 2007: Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter. 


Apr 2007: Fagbutts Gay Community Newsletter.



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