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1994: Lidbury organized in Redruth, the only gay rally in Cornwall on equalizing of the age of consent for homosexuals.  The rally featured briefly, with references to Malcolm in the CH4 television documentary "Age of Dissent", produced by  Will Parry, one of the young men who took Britain to European Courts over the age of consent, leading to the eventual equality of homosexual consent in the UK.  SEE video.


Mch 94 Front Cover ICT Newsletter 


1994 AGE OF DISSENT CH4: Channel four television documentary:


PART 2 of the CH4 documentary

18.50 secs in Devon & Cornwall police to arrest Will & Hugh

26.59 secs in Hugh speaking at Redruth rally organized by Lidbury via ICT newsletter

29.11 secs in Will  in CH4 documentry:


Quote from documentary- Look at that guy Malcolm, he has organised that whole group on his own. He runs that newsletter (ICT), he does it, he started that newsletter on his five, on like five quid a week from his dole money, who the f*ck are we to compare to him”?     


Photo: Malcolm Lidbury, Will Parry & Hugh Greenhalagh


Lidbury also actively campaigned against the infamous homophobic clause 28 introduced by the Thatcher Conservative government against gay people.


Nov 94: Front Cover ICT LGBT newsletter


Dec 1994: There was a misperception that there was no LGBT life outside of London. There was, it was just mainly hidden or not acknowledged by authorities:  'Tatchell thinkalikes found in Truro'


Feb 95: Front Cover ICT LGBT newsletter


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