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2011 - Forensic Clinical Psychology Report

 Consultant John Morgan


March 2011:  Devon & Cornwall police decided because of Lidbury’s complaints against them, to have Lidbury assessed as being mentally ill.


Lidbury felt strongly this was malevolant & malicious in intent by police to further try to discredit him as a gay man, with a view to trying to have Lidbury sectioned (DC Stone & DS Jago).   Police had already publicly labelled Lidbury as a vexatious complain tent by name on the force website for years for his legitimate complaints & IPCC investigations, as well as about further police homophobia & historic child rape Lidbury had experienced when he was a 6yr -10yr old child. Lidbury’s complaints had been simply ignored by senior police, ACPO, HMIC & IPCC.


NB: In later communication with other CSA survivors in preparation for the CSA Inquiry Lidbury discovered that the police ploy of having Child Rape Survivors deemed mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses was not entirely uncommon in various police forces in the UK.

Under considerable duress from police Lidbury agreed to be assessed by John Morgan Consultant Clinical Forensic Physiologist twice (who police appointed).  The two forensic reports are submit-table as forensic evidence in a court.


The Forensic Consultant Clinical Psychologist report conclusion: - Lidbury was both ‘Logical & Rational’ & NOT mentally ill as repeatedly implied by Devon & Cornwall police.  Homosexuality in 2011 was still being deemed a mental illness by Devon & Cornwall police.


Lidbury: "It was most intimidating on the part of the police.  There is no shadow of doubt to me this was homophobic-ally motivated on the part of police. I was being deemed mentally ill by police for being an outspoken gay equality campaigner & as a multiple victim of hate crimes (& CSA survivor).  It had all the sinister shades of the old soviet union, where dissidents opposed to state corruption &  institutional criminality were deemed mentally ill & sent off to Gulags'


Over 49,000 gay/bisexual men in the United Kingdom have criminal records for offences which only relate to their sexuality & for offences no longer deemed a criminal offence, yet only 45 individuals have been pardoned.


Every single one of these 49,000 men were specifically pursued because of their sexuality by police 


Over decades thousands of gay /bisexual men have been driven, bullied, threatened & intimidated specifically by UK police into attempted suicide (like myself) or actually take their own lives in suicide simply because of being relentlessly pursued by police over their gay sexuality (ie. Alan Turing).


Members of the Klu Klux Klan would rightly NOT be welcome at a black civil rights event

Members of Neo-Nazi parties would rightly NOT be welcome at a Jewish Holocaust memorial event


..and yet members of UK police are welcome at Gay Pride events & routinely negatively infiltrate LGBT equality organisations in a similar manor to police detrimental infiltration of animal rights & environmental groups


The black community refer to 'Uncle Tom's

The Jewish community refer to Kapos

In my experience the lgbt UK community had the GPA (disbanded in 2014)


Every communication by Lidbury about child rape, multiple hate crimes, misconduct & homophobia disregarded or actively encouraged by Devon & Cornwall police were ignored by the local

GPA.  ...and for that you get a gong? 




Dec 2012:- John Morgan Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist 2nd assessment for DWP ESA disability tribunal.


By the second Consultant report, so vile, aggressive, vicious & abusive had accumulative multiple hate attacks by both police & lgbt groups become upon Lidbury in a police instigated & orchestrated hate campaign (including criminal damage against Lidbury’s home, property, threats against him. his mother & his mother’s tenants) it had all had an adverse accumulative impact upon Lidbury.


The Consultant concluded that Lidbury had suffered a 'Catastrophic Trauma'

Clinical Forensic Report quote: “Like that seen in persons repeatedly exposed to life threatening situations"


This Lidbury identifies directly & specifically as a result of the Cornwall police instigated & encouraged homophobic motivated hate campaign against him, aided by various persons within LGBT groups like Cornwall Pride & Intercom Trust.


It had had a debilitating & adverse effect upon Lidbury's health resulting in him being medically diagnosed as a severe 'Agoraphobic', suffering anxiety panic attacks, hyper tension & life threatening blood pressure (only discovered when Lidbury started coughing blood) the accumulative effect resulting in Lidbury had become a recluisive housebound & cognatively disabled.


Feb 2013: The second Clinical Forensic Report was submitted by Lidbury in HM Court evidence to DWP benefits tribunal.


This resulted in the awarding of Lidbury, disability benefits & placed in the DWP ESA benefit support group as a cognitively disabled person as a result of ‘Catastrophic Trauma’, suffering from  Agoraphobia, PTSD & high levels of cognitive anxiety.



Jan 2013: Red Cross referred Lidbury as a ‘person in crises’. The clinical diagnosis of ‘Catastrophic Trauma’, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety panic attacks & Agoraphobia, Lidbury deemed cognitively disabled and in disabled DWP ESA support group.  This Lidbury identifies as result of over a decade, intensified since 2004, of relentless homophobic police persecution, aided by some individuals within LGBT groups in Cornwall & Exeter against Lidbury as a gay man carried out by/instigated by police


A referral from the Red Cross through a (non-gay) voluntary organizations 2013 led to a voluntary befriender for Lidbury.  This to enable him to leave his home without fear once a week.  Intimidated by police from driving or even leaving his home without an independent witness through the understandable fear of perpetuation of the continued relentless police reprisals as he has repeatedly experienced to date.  Lidbury had become a withdrawn virtual recluse.


The relentless police instigated & encouraged hate campaign against Lidbury had ostracized the local Cornwall gay population from him by all but a few informed & supportive individuals. His primary support, a few lesbians in the Cornwall gay community, whom had witnessed various aspects of what had occurred by police in the preceding years.  Some gay male friends who had left Cornwall in part as a result of observation of police homophobic treatment of Lidbury as a gay man over years were also supportive.


Organizations like LGBT pact, Intercom Trust, Rainbow FM, Healthy Gay Cornwall & Cornwall Pride had all excluded Lidbury as a gay multiple Hate Crime victim.  These LGBT groups had colluded with Devon & Cornwall police in perpetuating homophobic persicution, hate crimes & ignoring/covering up Historic Child Rape of which Lidbury was a CSA survivor victim.


Lidury: "It makes me laugh, some of the same people saying how terrible the state treated the WWII Enigma Code breaker Alan Turing, chemically castrating him & driving him to suicide, are some of the same stupid idiots supporting rampantly homophobic police like those in Cornwall still abusing gay people today!"


Lest we forget it was police & always police who have ruthlessly & relentlessly targeted gay men to persecute & criminalize them. As happened frequently in Cornwall, historically then & still now, it is police who have frequently driven many gay men to take their own lives through suicide or to attempt too. 


Alan Turing: In 2015 over half a million people signed a petition for a pardon to be given to gay men.


Lidbury, who has been clinically diagnosed as sufferring from frequent bouts of depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks & several attempts at suicide, he identifies directly & specifically because of Devon & Cornwall police relentless homophobia, dishonesty, misconduct & abuse & those who aided in this victimisation & abuse, has made arrangement that should he 'Lidbury' ever take his own life his cronologcal timeline in its entirity to be presented to the coroner. 


Lidbury "Because of my abusive experience from Intercom Trust as a multiple Child Rape Survivor  over years by a pedophile ring & as adult victim of multiple gay Hate Crimes instigated & encouraged by Devon & Cornwall police & others, I do not trust any group like INTERCOM  TRUST promoted by the numerous & protected homophobic scum I've encountered again & again & again in this vile police force...


...& I can submit forensic clinical medical evidence that I'm both logical & rational in my assesment of the situation"


Next go to -  National Child Sex Abuse Scandal






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