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1997 - CASTRATE GAY MEN - Cornwall




Oct 1997:  Lidbury was informed by journalist friend Richard Schimell of abusive & discriminatory items in local Cornwall newspapers – the articles/adverts calling for “the castration of gay men” to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.  The items appeared in adverts for Trago Mills, a cheap discount store in Cornwall.  Further enquiry by Lidbury established the offensive articles were deemed not covered by the Press Council as they were part of advertisements for Trago Mills. Lidbury made written complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority


Lidbury, who was non-voting facilitator of a young gay men’s group in Cornwall galvanized members into action

Oct 97: West Briton 'No place in a modern society'


Nov 97: West Briton 'Trago Stores picketed'

Nov 97: National LGBT Pink Paper  'Cornish police to investigate retailers call to castrate gays'

Dec 97: National LGBT Pink Paper '...only way to deal with homophobic rants'

Dec 97: National LGBT Pink Paper 'Students picket Stores'

Jan 98: Pink Paper 'Trago complaint sent to CPS' 


Lidbury made and won an Advertising Standards Authority complaint against a local business, ‘Trago Mills’. The Trago millionaire owner Mike Robinson who had run adverts in local Cornish newspapers advocating “the castration of gay men”. In a letter from Mike Robinson, Lidbury as a gay man was banned for life from Trago Mills.



LGBT National Newspaper Pink Paper - Pink List

Oct 1997: Readership of the National LGBT newspaper Pink Paper voted Lidbury in the PINK LIST as No. 119 of the 500 people who had historically had the greatest influence upon gay life in Britain. National LGBT Pink Paper 500:-


West Briton 'Lidbury betters Inman's record' 



DWP Job Centre

Even before Andrews HIV/AIDS diagnosis Lidbury had provided voluntary information/support work for LGBT persons & for persons infected/affected with HIV/AIDS in Cornwall. Following the death of his partner Andy the DWP Job Centre, Camborne insisted Lidbury report each fortnight exactly how much time he spent on voluntary assistance on both gay & HIV/AIDS issues.


The Job Centre requested names & contact means of those persons who were HIV+ who Lidbury was assisting. Lidbury point blank refused to break HIV confidentiality.  His unemployment benefit was threatened with suspension. Lidbury was compelled to give up providing voluntary support for LGBT person & persons living with HIV+ in Cornwall or lose his unemployment benefits.



Following further harassment from homophobic Cornish authorities & exclusion from Cornwall Gay Men’s Health project Lidbury attempted suicide by morphine overdose using his deceased partner’s former prescription medication.  In 1998 Lidbury withdrew from  active contribution to gay equality and HIV/AIDS campaigning


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