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Papier-mâché sculptures

created by gay artist Malcolm Lidbury


Following the ban by Cornwall Pride committee & Neil Hawke chairperson of sculptures of Malcolm Lidbury's from display at the Cornish LGBT pride event .  A concerted hate campaign against the artist Lidbury for whistleblowing & raising questions about the arrest of the Cornwall Pride treasurer & sponsor for £1 million tax fraud followed.  Lidbury was a client of the accountant/pride treasurer. Lidbury was one of the thousands of business victims of the later exposed between £2-10 million pound tax fraud carried out by the Accountant/Cornwall pride treasurer Simon Pearce.


It had been repeatedly denied to Lidbury that the owner of Barqdos in Truro was a business partner of the convicted tax fraudster Pearce .  


However a check with companies house revealed that Christian Diamant was in busines with Simon Pearce, , Pearce who was later convicted of the biggest tax fraud in Cornwall's history & were registered as part of Barqdos entertainments.


Neil Hawke, Chairperson of Cornwall Pride in 2011, who had banned Lidbury & his art form display as a gay artist at Cornwall Pride, was also a business partner with Christain Diamant in aquiring the Swallow Inn pub, in Plymouth.


It was well known that the former accountant/Cornwall Pride treasurer Simon Pearce had spent vast amounts of money over his business partners bar at BarQdos, Truro owned by his partner in BarQdos entertainments. 


Lidbury returned to creating Papier-mâché sculptures, a selection of which (all of which are banned from display at Cornwall Pride) may be found here :-


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Gay Cornwall LGBT History
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