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Gay Cornwall 2016 review


Good News:  Jan 2016 started positively.


Housebound for almost a decade Lidbury has a clinical consultant psychiatric forensic diagnosis of having catastrophic trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe anxiety, panic attacks & a form of agoraphobia. Having become unable to leave his home by himself out of legitimate anxiety & fear of yet further homophobic Devon & Cornwall police reprisals after being repeatedly targeted by police.  Lidbury was placed, following welfare court tribunal, in the severe disability DWP benefit group. The clinical forensic cognitive health diagnosis a direct result of prejudicial voracious & homophobic vendetta carried out against Lidbury by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary & their simpering collaborators, (like the Intercom Trust). 


After almost ten years of living with the adverse impact of Devon & Cornwall police homophobia & various hate crimes encouraged by police & others against Lidbury. Sadly there is still considerable gay discrimination by disabled organisations in Cornwall both towards persons with cognitive health conditions & towards gay persons.  Lidbury set about independently obtaining  from an animal welfare charity a dog to act as his disability assistance service dog.  

In the space of a few short months of getting a suitable animal as his disability assistance dog Lidbury lost over two stone in weight & returned to an under 32-inch waist line of a decade previous. The Assistance dog is a cognitive health coping strategy, not a cure to adverse effects & negative damage caused by over a decade of relentless Devon & Cornwall police homophobia & police instigated hate crimes against Lidbury as a gay man in Cornwall.


Good News: In Feb 2016 Lidbury held a successful studio exhibition of male figurative sculptures as part of the National LGBT History Month Project


The figures were of historically relevant persons that would fall into the Intercom Trust ban of gay persons from inclusion in LGBT history (like artist Henry Scott Tuke RA RWS & Alan Turing, WWII code breaker).   The exhibition attended by local residents, other Cornwall artists, straight & gay persons, both local & from outside of Cornwall.


Police officers of the deeply homophobic Devon & Cornwall constabulary were NOT WELCOME at the Cornwall LGBT history sculpture exhibition in the same manor that Klu Klux Klan would not be welcome at a black civil rights meeting or Nazi in SS uniforms would not be welcome at a Jewish holocaust memorial service.


‘I’ll not have representatives of the homophobic vermin of the Devon & Cornwall police at my home, other than if they have forced their way in as they have done previously to make, later admitted by police, arrest on false allegations” - Lidbury, LGBT History Project Sculpture Exhibition 2016

The Lidbury LGBT History Month sculpture exhibition highlighted the situation of 49,000 gay/bisexual men in the UK targeted over many decades by UK police.  49,000 gay/bi men who had received criminal records simply for being gay & the UK government proposal (in theory) to pardon these convicted men.  The government pardon proposal for gay men failed in October 2016.

The LGBT history sculpture exhibition in Cornwall was not supported by any LGBT group or organisation in Cornwall.  Primarily due to the continued hostility & prejudice of the Intercom Trust & infiltration of LGBT groups in Cornwall by police officers (past & present).


NB: A similar negative situation of police infiltration had developed for some animal rights & environmental campaign groups in the UK which (like many LGBT groups) had become adversely affected by negative police influences & infiltration from inside & within to the detriment of campaigning organisations effectiveness.


Good News: Lidbury received written notification from the Statutory Independent Inquiry into child sexual abuse that the website in its entirety would make up part of Lidbury’s testimony AGAINST Devon & Cornwall police (& against others like Intercom Trust) to the statutory IICSA Truth Project. Lidbury would be giving testimony against police & their collaborators for their parts in bullying, threatening, intimidating, persecuting, denying, perverting the course of justice, failure of duty of care, misfeasance, obfuscation in aiding Devon & Cornwall police & other institutions in covering up police involvement, police colluding & collaborating in covering up multiple child rape (& police homophobia).


“The various multiple child rapists who raped & sodermised me when I was a child from when I was aged six through to when I was about ten years of age did so for only four years.

However, Devon & Cornwall police I have encountered & communicated with, have for almost thirty years repeatedly perpetuated, compounded, collaborated & colluded in aiding & abetting in that child rape I experienced from when I was a 6yr old child.  

Devon & Cornwall police repeatedly covering up for other police officers & relentless homophobic attitudes & practises directed against me as a gay adult. Homophobia protected within the Devon & Cornwall police force & blind eyed by Intercom Trust, judiciary & others.  We don’t say ‘some’ Nazi were bad, we condemn the whole stinking vile organisation, likewise the homophobic VERMIN of the Devon & Cornwall police & their sycophants.

Every single last one of them, police officer’s past & present, which I have encountered or communicated with, each who has contributed in covering up multiple child rape to protect other dishonest, corrupt, criminal & homophobic police officers. Past & present, ALL Devon & Cornwall police officers from the Chief Constables office down through the rest of the dung heap are nothing more in my bitter experience than members of a homophobic parasitic free mason protection racket exploiting the UK Cornish council tax payers”   

Malcolm Lidbury 2016: Child Rape Survivor victim & multiple Hate Crime Survivor

Good News: In 2016 youtube videos created by Lidbury highlighting continued police & institutional homophobia & hate crime in Cornwall, UK, reached a total of over 4 million views worldwide & with over 3,000 subscribers to his video channel.  It is noteworthy this contrasts with Intercom Trust who had 25 subscribers on youtube despite their £200,000+/yr funding (public accounts) they received from such sources like various local councils, police Crime Commissioners office, etc.

Bad News: Lidbury as an outspoken LGBT equality & HIV/AIDS campaigner continued to be banned in 2016 from Cornwall Gay Pride & still under a veiled threat of his being arrested should he as a gay man so much as attend Cornwall Gay Pride.

It is ironic that those Gay & Lesbian persons of a certain age, like Lidbury

  • who campaigned openly for years in Cornwall against the homophobic section 28,

  • who campaigned for equality of equal age of consent,

  • who campaigned for gay marriage,

  • who campaigned for gays in the military,

  • who campaigned for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment & care

…but who is not welcome, banned & is actively excluded by those running Cornwall Gay Pride today.  


Whilst those organisations which traditionally opposed gay equality in Cornwall, like the vile Devon & Cornwall police, Cornwall Health Authority, Cornwall Council…are welcomed at Cornwall Gay Pride with much simpering & fawning.

‘As an HIV & gay equality campaigner for three decades, I would have to travel out of Cornwall if I wish to participate in a genuine Gay Pride Event’ -  Lidbury 2016

Reflective News: 2016 was the twentieth-year anniversary of the death of Cornishman Andrew Roger Smith as a result of HIV/AIDS. Andrew was Lidbury’s life partner up until Andy’s death 20th Dec 1996. Together the couple had campaigned openly & voraciously against the prejudice, ignorance & homophobia inherent, embedded & protected within the Cornish authorities against gay HIV sufferers & against those adversely affected by HIV.  The gay couple won several ombudsman & other inquiries against authorities in Cornwall for failings over HIV prevention & care.

Like the several hundred persons who attended Andy’s funeral, Lidbury took an oath to combat & challenge homophobia & HIV prejudice.  For 20yrs Lidbury has continued to keep his oath in the face of continued Cornish institutional & authority prejudice & discrimination – which is still continuing unabated into 2017.

Andrew Roger Smith - ‘Missed, not forgotten’ 1967-1996

Tragic News: 2016 Yet another gay suicide in Cornwall.  Andrew Elude Ubogu, a black gay man living in Cornwall who took his own life.  Bullied at Falmouth University where he was employed, which ties in with continuing adverse attitudes expressed by students in Cornwall education establishments as being un-supportive of gay persons.

Worse, Andrew Elude Ubogu was said to have felt ‘excluded & ostracised’ as a gay man by Cornwall’s gay community groups.

Ironically Lidbury having been driven twice to attempt to take his own life as a direct result of relentless police homophobia in Cornwall had used exactly the same two words, ‘excluded & ostracised’ previously & on many occasions to describe his own treatment from LGBT groups like Cornwall GOC, Cornwall Pride, Intercom Trust, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Out About & Rainbow FM which had become negatively influenced & infiltrated by police officers (former & current).

Concerning News: Lidbury was contacted separately by several gay university students this year. In two cases Lidbury was able to assist Uni students with their degree research into aspects of LGBT history & culture in Cornwall which was being falsely or miss represented by other organisations.


University students who contacted Lidbury expressed without single exception disappointment & concern at homophobic & un-supportive gay attitudes prevalent in Cornwall educational institutions, other authorities & LGBT groups. Without exception those gay students who contacted Lidbury expressed they could not wait to finish their degree courses & leave Cornwall for more gay friendly & enlightened less bigoted regions of the UK.

Military return: Several former gay members of the military returned to Cornwall to holiday with Lidbury.  Prior to the Police homophobic vendetta  the Lidbury family home had been an off- military base place of safety for gay members of the navy stationed at Culdrose. These gay persons stationed at Culdrose when the navy base mantra was ‘homosexuality may be legal but it’s still not allowed’ whilst it was under command of Tony Hogg. Tony Hogg went on to become the Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Commissioner & who turned a blind eye to police homophobia & police collusion in police aiding in & perverting the course of justice by covering up child rape & police misconduct.

Horrific News: Multiple serial killer of gay men convicted.  Stephen Port was convicted of the murder of four young gay men in London.  Families of the gay victims were scathing of the utter contempt demonstrated towards gay murder victims (& their families) by police. A further 58 cases of young men’s deaths connected with the drug GBH are now being handled by police. However so negative are top down senior police  attitudes towards gay persons in the UK nobody is likely to be holding their breath.

The Stephen Port multiple murders underlines continuing hostile attitude of police AGAINST gay victims of crime & contemptuous police homophobic attitude that all gay persons are sex offenders.


Naive people who think police have in any way become more LGBT sympathetic should consider how police have targeted gay celebrities in witch-hunts like that against

In Lidbury’s experience police like those of the homophobic Devon & Cornwall constabulary are every single bit as anti-gay in 2016 as they were during very worst of the anti-gay Thatcher government years of the 1980’s.


Good News: Lidbury has had several of his sculptures accepted as part of an art exhibition to tour prestigious museums & galleries like Poole Museum & Galleries, Bristol City Museum & Gallery, Cheltenham Gallery & Falmouth Art Gallery during 2017.


Lidbury’s sculptural work will however be exhibited under a pseudonym.


This is out of continuing fear of a repeat of the vile homophobic Devon & Cornwall police reprisal & action against him & his art, as previously experienced by the gay artist from the homophobic Devon & Cornwall constabulary.


NB: Lidbury as a gay artist was previously targeted by Devon & Cornwall police in 2004.  Police failed in a homophobic motivated attempt to prosecute Lidbury for life paintings of male nudes.  The homophobic Devon & Cornwall police action also prevented the sale of Lidbury paintings in aid of an HIV AIDS charity.  Lidbury has not painted since, so devastating has been the subsequent homophobic hate vendetta run by the Devon & Cornwall police over the following years up to the present day - & which adverse effects are still on going.

“I can think of no organisation paid for by the British public which is more dishonest, more corrupt, more criminal & more self-serving than the mafia like masonic protection racket others call the police. 

As a gay man in Cornwall I’d no more trust any Devon & Cornwall police officer in my home than I would a convicted multiple serial killer, rapist or drug dealer” - Malcolm Lidbury 2016


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