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2008 Cornwall PRIDE & Gay Suicides


Aug 2008:- It had been made clear by Cornwall Pride Chair & committee that Lidbury & other gay persons who had experienced hate crime or made complaint of police homophobic conduct & practices were not welcome by C Diamant & subsequent Chairs & committee of Cornwall gay 'pride' at Truro. A Pride event which Cornwall police were taking a very active influence over & role.


Lidbury & other LGBT dissent equality campaigners, victims of Hate Crime & police homophobia were made not only unwelcome at Cornwall Pride, but were also banned. 


Lidbury: 'As a gay man repeatedly victimized by police, the presence of any police officer at any LGBT Pride event is every single bit as vile, offensive & nauseous to me as a gay man (& CSA survivor), as would be seeing any Neo-Nazi attending a Jewish Holocaust Memorial Service'.


Likewise LGBT members of the GPA police (who also ignored correspondence from Lidbury) no better than were KAPO Nazi trustees of holocaust death camps.


Lidbury : 'We do not say some Nazi guarding concentration death camps were just a few rotten apples, we condemn the entire stinking vile evil Nazi organization. Likewise todays Devon & Cornwall police, which still remains but for lip service, an endemically prejudicial & discriminatory homophobic organization against gay persons & in particular against gay victims of crime, from the top down'.


2008 onwards Homophobic Police are welcome at Cornwall Pride. Lidbury an out visible & active gay equality & HIV/AIDS campaigner for 25yrs not welcome - banned.



2008: There were four known gay male suicides in Cornwall this year.


Double suicide

Daily Telegraph


Another less publicised gay male suicide victim, a personal friend of Lidbury’s, who Cornwall police tried to prosecute his corpse...after he the victim had already taken his own life after being arrested by Cornwall police for an alleged motoring offence. 


West Briton 'Troubled Man took his own life'  


Lidbury's friend buried on the 19th the December 2008.  There was direct Cornwall police involvement leading up to his suicide.  After Christmas police sent a letter dated 30th December informing of the Cornwall police intention to prosecute...the then deceased gay man.  How Cornwall police could be so insensitive and intend to prosecute an urn of the then deceased man’s ashes I'm not entirely sure?
The traumatic letter sent from the 'witness care unit', which has to be the irony of irony’s given the lack of care exhibited by police.


NB: A court gagging order in 2013 prevents Lidbury from speaking about issues he is privy too about his friends death.


Concerns about the high gay suicide rate in Cornwall, in particular those involving prior police contact, were attempted to be raised with Cornwall Pride & other LGBT groups in Cornwall.  There was complete disinterest.


2010:- Another tragic Cornwall & gay related suicide 


Attempted suicide

Following continued Cornwall police intimidation & threats, Lidbury in state of deep depression attempted suicide by alcohol & prescription medication overdose. Tenants in Lidbury’s family home subsequently removed all prescription medicines from access to Lidbury.  Ironically Lidbury identifies (along with police dishonesty & misconduct) the Intercom Trust, Exeter as one of the organizations which contributed to driving Lidbury as a gay man to attempt suicide.


Next go to - Intercom -v- Henry Scott Tuke RA




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