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In 2015 Tony Hogg Police Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Commissioner created what might be considered by some an innovative Victim Care resource.


However, one of the sites recommend is the Intercom Trust, based in Devon.


In 2004 Lidbury had approached the Intercom Trust in Devon for help as a Child Sex Abuse survivor & as a gay adult victim of institutional prejudice & as a multiple gay hate crime victim.


The Intercom Trust has subsequently been one of the most abusive, persecutory & further victimising organisations towards Lidbury as a:-


(1) Child Rape Survivor,

(2) Hate Crime Survivor  

(3) Victim of institutional Homophobia


So much so that Lidbury specifically identified the Intercom Trust in his initial witness statement testimony to the statutory Goddard Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse as the Intercom Trust being an abusive organisation, persecutory & further victimising of Child Rape Survivors. Independent Inquiry into child Sexual Abuse website


NB: A complaint incident log DCP-20150921-0317 made to Devon & Cornwall Police Sept. 2015 against Intercom Trust for incitement to hatred, harassment of registered disabled vulnerable person in the ESA severe disability group & Intercom Trust intimidation of child rape survivor, witness to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse


Seeing Intercom Trust promoted by the Police Crime Commissioner, despite the Crime Commissioner having been informed as Intercom Trust having been identified as an abusive organisation towards Child Rape Survivors greatly incensed Lidbury.


So concerned was Lidbury at further gay victims of police abuse & child sexual abuse possibly being further victimised in the manor he had by Intercom Trust  caused the following letter circulated widely to dozens of organisations


I have observed that you have links with the Intercom Trust, based in Exeter.


As a gay adult male survivor of multiple hate crimes & as a Child Sex Abuse survivor of multiple child rape this gravely concerns me. 


Despite how distressing this is for me, only through repetition can I hope some people may hear.  I was raped & sodermised from when I was age of six through to ten, by multiple person.  For decades I have struggled to get anybody in authority to listen. 


Dishonest, corrupt & Homophobic Police like those I have encountered repeatedly in Cornwall do like to protect their own. (Like PC Bryant who was convicted for child sexual abuse despite Devon & Cornwall police obstruction to justice & repeatedly covering up, just as they have in my case)


In 2004 I mistakenly asked Dr Michael Halls, Paul Roberts & Andy Hunt of Intercom Trust for help. 


Now I wish to make this absolutely clear.  Dr Micheal Halls, Andy Hunt, Paul Roberts (& more latterly Steve Cannon, - an x-copper) of Intercom Trust, Exeter have ALL collaborated & contributed to the covering up & compounding of both that multiple Child Rape & Homophobic Hate Crimes by their determination to rubbish, discredit & silence me both as a survivor victim of Institutional gay Hate Crimes & as a Child Sexual Abuse Rape survivor.  They have in my experience actively contributed to my being excluded & ostracised from LGBT organisations & groups, this leading to isolation & greatly contributing to my subsequent suicide attempts.


Be of no doubt Intercom Trust have massively contributed & compounded the adverse effects of the multiple child rape committed upon me.  I go so far as to say that the conduct of Intercom Trust has contributed in many ways  to far, far greater further abuse & victimisation of me as a child rape survivor, than that which was carried out by the initial multiple child rapists.  To the point where I was evaluated in 2011 as having suffered Post Traumatic Stress, a Catastrophic Trauma. To quote the consultant forensic clinical psychologist “similar to that observed in persons repeatedly exposed to life threatening situations”


In 2013 I finally received acknowledgement from a police force.  Not the vile homophobic Devon & Cornwall police who had repeatedly ignored my reporting as a gay adult of my being a child rape victim.  This child rape ignored, rubbished & discredited by Devon & Cornwall police for over 27years of reporting it to them.  Corrupt Police assisted by Intercom Trust, collaborating in continued covering up for the police officers responsible for multiple misconduct & abuse towards me as a gay man


It was finally Essex police, who in just one week from being contacted in 2013 tracked down & identified one of the paedophiles who had raped me when I was a 6-10yr old child. Essex police confirmed in writing there were six other known child victims of his (Hopkins), all under sixteen years of age.  I have since identified two further victims (beside myself), but still ignored by police.  THAT IS WHAT INTERCOM TRUST have contributed to covering up!


RE Goddard Inquiry: You may be aware of the Statutory Goddard Inquiry in Child Sex Abuse set up by the Home Secretary Teresa May.  This inquiry is due to the rampant institutional & voluntary organisation colossal failings towards survivors of child sex abuse, & on a wholesale scale across the UK.  Some cases may be found here:-!2012-national-child-sex-abuse-scandal/c20tn


Other child abuse survivors of police abuse I am in contact with have found considerable similarities in police victimising & targeting of child rape survivors who are outspoken against police, aided in that further abuse by organisations similar in further victimising behaviour to that carried out by Intercom Trust.


In particular, the Goddard inquiry objectives are stated to investigate further abuse of Child Sex Abuse victims by the way they are treated by organisations (in particular, just like the way the vile Intercom Trust have further victimised & abused me).


As a child Sex Abuse survivor of multiple rape *(carried out by a teacher, clergy & police officer, amongst others over a period of years) I have already submitted written witness testimony to the Goddard Inquiry.  I have been informed by the Inquiry secretariat that I may be required to give further evidence to the Inquiry. 


BE ASSURED I identify Dr Michael Halls, Andy Hunt, Paul Roberts & Steve Cannon as persons who by their actions & conduct against me contributed too, grossly compounded & exacerbated the adverse & debilitating effect of my being a survivor of multiple Child Rape (& also as my being a multiple Homophobic institutional Hate Crime victim of further police abuses)  


Be of NO DOUBT the prolonged actions of Intercom Trust against me over a period of years actively contributed to my several suicide attempts. For me personally there is barely a Rizla paper width between the child rapists who repeatedly raped me over a number of years & the further abuse compounded upon me as a child rape survivor & gay hate crime victim by Andy Hunt, Dr Michael Halls, Paul Roberts & Steve Cannon of Intercom Trust. There are others involved not part of Intercom or police.


Can you even begin to imagine how this feels?


The secondary reason for this communication, is several years ago some LGBT person became aware of how Intercom Trust were misrepresenting & re-writing LGBT history in Cornwall.  This considerably angered some in the local Cornwall LGBT community.  Interestingly some Lesbians in particular. Of similar concern was how Intercom Trust were further victimising & treating me, further victimising me personally both as a child rape survivor & as a gay hate crime victim.


NB: I came ‘OUT’ as a gay man in 1989.  Despite multiple & repeated targeting of me as a gay man by Devon & Cornwall police following a complaint I made 2004 against a homophobic police officer DC Bob Woods (now retired) & multiple numerous police officers subsequently, I have NOT been charged, NOT been prosecuted, & NOT been convicted of any criminal offence in a court of law since coming out as a gay man in 1989.  Despite how Intercom Trust may try to mislead you about me in their simpering appeasement to a grossly homophobic police force. But what can you expect from a lackey organisation part funded by Devon & Cornwall police crime commissioner with a shoddy record on gay issues & ignoring police misconduct & dishonesty?


So here is an Honest, Truthful & referenced biography of some late C20th, early C21st century FACTUAL LGBT history of Cornwall. 

Please do look at the website.


My grave concern now is my having been repeatedly further victimised by those I have identified within Intercom Trust, that other victims of Homophobic Hate Crime (like me) or gay victims of child sex abuse (like me) may be unwittingly referred to Intercom Trust, only to be further victimised & abused (like Intercom Trust repeatedly have me as a Child Rape Survivor & victim of gay hate crimes).


If you would like further information do please contact me.


Yours sincerely

Malcolm Lidbury


































NEXT go to:-  2016 Cornwall LGBT History Month Project Gay Art Sculpture Exhibition



Intercom Trust Cornwall Police Child Rape Abuse
Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse

Above picture of Lidbury taken during the years he was being raped & sexually abused by a peadophile ring operating in Tarpots Essex when Lidbury was age 6yrs through to age ten.


Intercom Trust since 2004 & numerous police officers in Devon & Cornwall Constabulary since 1987 have continued to perpetuate the contined emotional re-raping of this little boy by their denial, dishonesty, obstruction & collaboartion in covering up Child Rape, homophobic misconduct & hate crime. 

NB: Intercom Trust have continued from 2004 to deny & ridicule Lidbury as a victim of Child Rape from when he was a child (& as a victim of institutional homophobic crime).


In 2015 Intercom Trust have continued their rubbishing of Lidbury's testimony as a Child Rape survivor to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse. 


Intercom Trust perpetuating their victimization, bullying & intimidation to try to silence Lidbury.  Intercom Trust in utter denial of Lidbury having been raped as a 6yr old & as a victim of multiple homophobic police misconduct.


This is despite in 2013 Essex police having identified one of the rapists who had abused Lidbury as a 6 -10yr old child.  


The impact of the continued Intercom Trust victimisation, bullying & denial has caused yet another 'Hopkins' child abuse survivor from the 1950's - 60's, a now medically vulnerable adult living in Essex, to withdraw from providing testimony to the Independent Inquiry into child sexual abuse.


A complaint incident log DCP-20150921-0317 made to Devon & Cornwall Police against Intercom Trust for incitement to hatred, harassment of registered disabled vulnerable person in the ESA severe disability group & Intercom Trust intimidation of child rape survivor, witness to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been recorded by Devon & Cornwall police as a Hate Crime incident.


It is clear to the child rape victim survivor it is the intent of Intercom Trust to try to prevent him as a child sex abuse survivor from testifying to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

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