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2013 - Essex police identify child rapist


In just one week Essex police successfully did more than corrupt Devon & Cornwall police had from 1987!


Jan 19th 2013: Lidbury contacted Essex police PC Levene about the historic child rape Devon & Cornwall police had repeatedly ignored & dismissed since 1987 (email correspondence with Essex police held by Sprocket Trust LGBT archive)


Jan 26th 2013: Detective Sergeant Lorna HENDERSON replied & confirmed they (Essex police) had located information regarding one of the child rapists Lidbury had identified - ‘HOPKINS’


Feb 2013: The second Clinical Forensic Report was submitted by Lidbury in HM Court evidence to DWP tribunal. This resulted in the awarding of Lidbury, disability benefits & placed in the DWP ESA benefit support group as a cognitively disabled person as a result of ‘Catastrophic Trauma’, Agoraphobia, PTSD & suffering from high levels of cognitive anxiety. Lidbury now never left his home without a witness escort whom he trusted against further Cornwall police targeting, abuse, victimization & intimidation towards him.


March 1st 2013:  Temporary Detective Sergeant Craig Wiggins of Essex police confirmed by email that not only had the teacher (Hopkins) who Lidbury had been identifying by name, address & profession for decades to homophobic Cornwall police (but had been ignored & ridiculed by EVERY SINGLE ONE of the corrupt dishonest officers ever encountered in this vile Cornwall police force & by HMIC, & by the Police Crime Commissioner Office & the IPCC , & by most of the LGBT groups in Cornwall & ExeterIntercom Trust) as the person who sexually abused & raped Lidbury as a 6yr old child....


….but that Hopkins had been convicted of sexual abuse of six other children under the age of sixteen.  
























Redacted email from Essex police:-  


Lidbury was still in contact with another of Hopkins victims (who also named yet another victim) these further two victims child sexual abuse pre-dated 1966, the period span of conviction Hopkins was sentenced for (1966-1970)!  Lidbury also mentioned to Essex police Hopkins being a Freemason & having accomplice Clergy & police officer child rapist associates!  Further investigation was dropped by Essex police, Devon & Cornwall police had also stuck their oar in saying there would be no further investigation.

March 2013: Lidbury now in his fifties..... had finally received written email police acknowledgement (To that which homophobic Devon & Cornwall police have ALWAYS tried to cover up since 1987) of Lidbury having been raped & sexually abused (*by multiple persons) from when he was a child from the age of six through to age ten (1966-1970).


Devon & Cornwall police have yet to acknowledge any correspondence sent to them regarding this matter including directly to their Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer. (Police probably busy shredding evidence & deleting emails…yet again)


Now why would Devon & Cornwall Constabulary try so hard to cover up for decade’s historic sexual abuse?


Lidbury had repeatedly been told by Devon & Cornwall police ‘he’ was the only person complaining.  


Some victims & observers will rightly believe there is a root & branch failure throughout police from HMIC, ACPO, and Chief Constables down to PCSO’s ‘Tesco value hobby bobbies’ to investigate complaints against police with even a modicum or a pretense of professional honesty or integrity.

This became apparent when a Devon & Cornwall police officer was finally imprisoned for child sexual abuse as a result of a private prosecution, because the police were not going to lift a finger themselves initially to prosecute one of their own child sex abusing police buddies from the lodge.


The denial mentality by Devon & Cornwall police to child abuse victims of PC Bryant the same crock of blatant police dishonesty & police lies  Lidbury had been repeatedly spun by every corrupt Devon & Cornwall Constabulary PSD, police legal dept. & multiple senior & rank others throughout the Devon & Cornwall police force he ever communicated with. This includes numerous correspondence by post & email via the force website to various chief constables of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary over years. Maria Wallace, Nigel Arnold & Stephen Otter. ALL have collaborated by at least 'failure of duty of care' or at worst collaboration misconduct aiding & abetting in covering up CHILD RAPE & POLICE HOMOPHOBIA

The endemic failure goes to the very heart of the Devon & Cornwall Chief Constables Office right through Exeter Middlemore & down through their COG, PSD, BCU, CID, Equality & Diversity Unit, Camborne & Helston police stations, & through every rank & file


…but it is a wider dishonesty to cover up police abuses & includes IPCC, HMIC, ACPO, Tony Hogg Police Crime Commissioner office & Crime Panel.  ALL of which Lidbury had written to & emailed on more than one occasion over the years about both police homophobia & historic child abuse…ALL of which have ignored & collaborated to cover up for those within these deeply corrupt institutions.

LIDBURY - “When I say that every Devon & Cornwall police officer I have encountered since 2004 has by their homophobia, misconduct, dishonesty & actions been complicit & contributed too more abusive violations of me than that which was carried out by the multiple child rapists who raped me from the age of six through to age ten


...I really DO mean it”.


Lidbury’s every experience since coming out as a gay man in 1989 & as a survivor of multiple child rape is of Devon & Cornwall police an entirely negative one.  Police homophobia, police misfeasance, police obfuscation, police corruption, police dishonesty, police criminality & protected police arrogance from Chief Constables office down.


"I would no more trust any Devon & Cornwall police officer in my home than I would a convicted rapist, murder or drug trafficker”.  Malcolm Lidbury 2015:


NB: Since ‘coming out’ as a gay man in 1989 Lidbury has been targeted persistently & relentlessly by Devon & Cornwall police as an outspoken gay equality campaigner & as critic of police homophobia.


Since coming out as a gay man in 1989 Lidbury has not been charged, not been prosecuted & has not been convicted of ANY criminal offence in a court of law. 


This is contrary to the disinformation, obfuscation & misfeasance widely & publicly circulated by Devon & Cornwall police & others at instigation of senior Devon & Cornwall police. (Including previously on the Devon & Cornwall force website, since removed March 2015 since Lidbury contacted the secretariat of the Goddard CSA inquiry & National Police task force on CSA)


May 2013: Civil court gagging order against Lidbury to prevent him speaking out about various issues


2013: Teresa May Home Secretary announced an inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.  Due to the court gagging order on Lidbury, he was one child sex abuse survivor (among many) who pressured for the CSA inquiry to be a statutory inquiry.  Only a statutory inquiry would enable Lidbury to speak on those issues covered by 2013 court gagging order.


Feb 2015: Lidbury as a CSA survivor extricably intertwined with being a homophobic hate crime victim of police misconduct/criminality submitted written witness testimony to the secretariat of the statutory Child Sex Abuse Inquiry.


Lidbury since informed in writing by the Goddard CSA Inquiry secretariat Lidbury may be called upon to give further evidence to the inquiry


Lidbury “Even a little 6yr old boy raped from 1966 to 1970 …. can still cast a very long shadow”


2015 the CSA inquiry under Judge Goddard was made a statutory inquiry.  Lidbury having already made initial submissions to the secretariat of the CSA inquiry & received written acknowledgement.


Lidbury initially naming & identifying twenty three Devon & Cornwall police officers to start with (tip of corrupt police iceberg) who by their conduct have compounded & collaborated in covering up historic child rape & subsequent catalogue of police abuses homophobic & police dishonesty he, Lidbury  as a gay man (& others) have been subjected too from police.


"Every single Devon & Cornwall police officer I've every encountered or communicated with, ever, has acted through their arrogance, misconduct & dishonesty in covering for other police officers as an accomplice & aided in covering up & compounding multiple Child Rape & Homophobic Hate Crimes....without one single exception". 


Lidbury has been informed in writing he is to give testimony to the 'Truth Project' part of the statutory Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. 


Besides identifying individuals within Devon & Cornwall police, HMIC, IPCC, ACPO, DC Police Crime Commissioners Office, DC Crime Panel, Cornwall Council, his former Mp, etc. who have collaborated in ignoring & covering up through intimidation, obfuscation & misfeasance Lidbury raising with them his being abused as a child, (& homophobic attitudes towards him as a gay adult).


Lidbury will also identify others inc. individuals within LGBT orgs. (ie. Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Rainbow Source FM ) who have collaborated by silence or in hate campaign against Lidbury with the police in them covering up & compounding child rape & homophobia  


Next go to -  £2-10 million Tax Fraud & Cornwall Pride



Acknowledgement by Essex police in just one week.


For 27yrs Lidbury had been informing Devon & Cornwall police of the child rapist 'HOPKINS' & been ignored.  Worse, Lidbury as a Child Rape survivor had been threatened, bullied, lied too, lied about, victimised & persecuted relentlessly by Cornwall police, to try to silence him about (police homophobia &) historic child abuse Lidbury  experienced when he was a 6 to 10 yr old boy.  The police aided in this hate abuse by Intercom Trust.

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