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The Early Years 


Malcolm Lidbury

Born in Barnet Middlesex, 1959, Malcolm was younger of two sons. 

He grew up in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, going to Mount Grace Comprehensive School.




(1966-1970) From age of 6yrs old through to 10yrs old Malcolm Lidbury was a child victim of a pedophile ring operating in Tarpots, Essex. (This included amongst others of his child rape abusers a teacher, clergy & police officer).


Photo of Lidbury from period of him being sexually abused


NB: Despite Lidbury & his family raising the sexual abuse with Devon & Cornwall police from 1987 & Lidbury increasingly so from 2004. Devon & Cornwall police & other organizations ALL dismissed Lidbury, as a child rape survivor.  These organisations compounded the CSA abuse he experienced as a child & by later further relentless homophobic victimization against him as a gay man. This institutional abuse & police homophobia has had a profound & negative devastating impact upon his latter life.


The child rape abuse Lidbury experienced as a 6-10yr old child after an incredible battle against prejudice & discrimination from Devon & Cornwall police from 1987, finally acknowledged & recognized when Lidbury contacted Essex police in 2013.


Redacted email Essex police 2013.


1976: Whilst in the lower 6th year at Mount Grace Comprehensive Lidbury was conflicted by his earlier sexual abuse experiences as a child & his self-identifying homosexuality as a teenager.  He had at 17yrs old stood up on a school bench during a biology lesson & announced he was a homosexual. (The term ‘gay’ not yet in wide usage as an identity term, other abusive terms were however commonly at use at his school. Most can be found in this list.


Mrs Q Woolf, deputy head teacher Mount Grace school said to Lidbury in 1976;

“You cannot be a homosexual, lots of girls like you”.  Lidbury was placed on school detention for 3 months. His detention task, to catalogue the school shell collection. Lidbury was an amateur conchologist & paleontologist. 


Ironically Lidbury was (type?) cast to play a homosexual character, wearing a pink waistcoat in a school play in a 1930’s style rendition of ‘As you like it’. 


1977: As a 18yr old student Lidbury spent time during the summer 1977 visiting the Soviet Union block. He visited Hungry, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine & Yugoslavia. This was still during the cold war, the iron curtain still in place, the Berlin wall was still up, Germany a divided East - West Country.


Lidbury concluded on his return: “Communism? – Nice idea, doesn’t work in practice’


1977: Lidbury moved to the County of Cornwall. He worked as a herdsman, antique restorer and at Mount Wellington Mine, as a chemical mineral flotations operator at one of the last working tin mines in Cornwall.


Growing up as a teenager in the 1970’s, the earlier experiences when he was as a 6-10yr old child in a pedophile ring in Tarpotts, Essex caused him conflict over his sexuality.  In particular in his late teens & twenties in the homophobic environment of Cornwall. Following closure of Mount Wellington mine in 1981 Lidbury became a retail manager with a high street supermarket chain. Lidbury tried unsuccessfully to conform to a heterosexual lifestyle. He was married once and divorced.



Child Sex Abuse & Child Rape Survivors


Research has shown ‘some’ CSA & Child Rape survivors do manage to cope


Whereas in response & as a coping strategy research has also shown,

‘some’ may turn to alcohol

‘some’ may turn to drugs

‘some’ may self-harm

‘some’ may commit or attempt suicide

‘some’ may turn to anti-social/violent crime


‘some’ may turn to promiscuous or illegal sexual activity


As a multiple Child Rape Survivor, Lidbury fell in the last category


All the latter methods of coping & responding to being a Child Sex Abuse Survivor tend to be further persecuted & victimised by compounding of the abuse by the very authorities like police (like Devon & Cornwall Constabulary) who still continue to further victimise child sex abuse & child rape survivor victims. (2015)


1988: He served six months in prison in 1988. Early Lidbury painting completed in Exeter prison


Whilst in prison Lidbury had been visited monthly & was sent supportive letters every week by his male ‘victim’, which in court a barrister had described as;- Quote  ‘his illegal sexual relationship with a male minor under the age of sexual consent’. On release from prison in 1988 Lidbury declined continuing with the previous relationship with the male teenager. 


NB: In 1988 age of sexual consent for homosexuals was 21yrs old. Jan 2001 homosexual consent finally became equal with heterosexuals at 16yrs of age. A quarter of a century after Lidbury 1st tried to come out as a gay at 17yrs old whilst at school.


Lidbury’s family & (x-wife) had raised with police in 1987 that he, Lidbury was a Child Sex Abuse victim/survivor over a period from when he, Lidbury was a 6 -10yr old child.  It was ignored by Devon & Cornwall police then & on every occasion repeatedly reported to police over many years.  In 2013 Essex police took note. 


NB: In just one week in March 2013 Essex police located information on one of the child rapists Lidbury had been identifying to Devon & Cornwall police since 1987. (26 years after police were 1st informed in Cornwall). However Devon & Cornwall police Insp. Chudley PSD continues to cover up (2015) & protect those corrupt police officers who repeadely covered up for police (& others) child rape.


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(Statutory Inquiry set up by Teresa May Govt. Home Sectretary 2014)



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