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2015 - Statutory Goddard Inquiry

Child Sex Abuse 

Lidbury Witness Testimony


Feb 2015: Lidbury as a CSA survivor inextricably intertwined with being a homophobic hate crime victim of police misconduct submitted written witness testimony  to the secretariat of the statutory Goddard Child Sex Abuse Inquiry.


So distrustful of authorities & dishonesty of Devon & Cornwall police encountered year on, year on, year, Lidbury placed his written submission testimony to the Goddard CSA Inquiry in public- CSA Inquiry Blogspot


Lidbury had been repeatedly child raped when aged 6-10yrs over a period of years (1966-1970) by multiple assailants (inc. by a police officer).  He has been subsequently emotionally & metaphorically re-raped & homophobically abused by misconduct & discriminatory attitudes & protected police abusive practices by EVERY SINGLE Devon & Cornwall police officer ever encountered & communicated with since 2004 in the Devon & Cornwall police, other Cornwall & official authorities.  


In turn police were aided & abetted by collaboration in covering up both historic child rape & homophobic police practices by simpering & fawning in LGBT orgs & groups in Cornwall & Exeter.  These LGBT groups who have lost sight & failed to support lgbt persons, victims of institutional (police) homophobic discrimination & prejudice, including by adding to persecution of gay adult victims of multiple childhood rape. 


Lidbury.  "For me, those in Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, LGBT pact, FFLAG, Healthy Gay Cornwall, etc. Devon & Cornwall police, my Mp, PCC & others, have simply 'HELD THE COATS' & looked on in collaborative silence on the historic actions of multiple child rapists who raped & sodermised me as a 6yr old child .


Those in these orgs, and they know who they are, who have subsequently attacked me for speaking out as a gay adult, for me there is NO difference at all between them by their collaborative attempts to bully, exclude, ostracise & silence me and the pedophiles who repeatedly raped me from 6yrs old....NONE!" 


Lidbury was informed in writing by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse secretariat that Lidbury may be called upon to give further evidence to the inquiry as a CSA survivor victim. 


2015:  The CSA inquiry under Judge Goddard was made a statutory inquiry.  Lidbury having already made initial submissions to  secretariat of the statutory CSA inquiry & received written acknowledgement.


Lidbury initially naming & identifying numerous Devon & Cornwall police officers who by their conduct have compounded & collaborated in not only covering up historic child rape, but a subsequent catalogue of police abuses homophobic & police dishonesty he as a gay man (& others) have been subjected too from police.


So devastating has been Lidbury’s experience of decades of endemic Devon & Cornwall police homophobia, police lies, police dishonesty, police corruption & police criminality protected within the police as an organization he states;-


  • 1.  Finally acknowledged by Essex police in 2013, the repeated child rape I experienced over a period of years (1966-1970) from when I was aged 6yrs old until aged 10yrs, committed by multiple adult child rapists, (including by a teacher, clergy, police officer, amongst others), pales into absolute insignificance in comparison to  vile & vindictive compounding of that child rape & homophobic police conduct over many years (decades) by multiple & numerous police officers of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, from various Chief Constables & senior police officers down through the vile corrupt police ranks


  • 2.   …& other collaborators in blind eyeing CHILD RAPE & INSTITUTIONAL HOMOPHOBIA in an official capacity (i.e. HMIC, IPCC, ACPO, Tony Hogg PPC, Andrew George Lib Dem Mp, Home Office, Cornwall Council, Police Crime Panel, etc.) who ignored correspondence from me over many years


  • 3.   …& other individuals within & running LGBT orgs in Cornwall & Exeter (ie: Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Rainbow Source FM, LGBTpact, etc.) which have aided & collaborated in covering up  historic Child Rape by rejecting assistance to me as a CSA survivor & as a gay adult by colluding with, aiding, abetting & collaborating with police in relentless institutional homophobic police instigated hate crimes against me.


As a Child Sex Abuse multiple rape survivor & adult gay man homophobic-ally persecuted & or ignored/victimised by ever single govt. & govt. funded voluntary organization Lidbury has ever approached, he has yet to encounter one single person who is employed in official capacity who has not subsequently collaborated with vile police in covering up historic child rape & police homophobic misconduct.


Home Office statement RE; Goddard Inquiry Thursday 12 March, "the Inquiry will be set up with statutory powers to compel witnesses to determine whether State and non-State institutions have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse within England and Wales".


Lidbury states he has never met or communicated with one single police officer in the Devon & Cornwall police who was honest or had any integrity.  Who when informed had not colluded & blind-eyed abusive misconduct of other police officers.  Devon & Cornwall Police in Lidbury's every experience are the very organised crime we the public are warned about. 


Lidbury; "That will be my testimony if called to provide further testimony in person to the statutory Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse".


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Cornwall police Child Sexual Abuse
Cornwall Police Child Abuse
Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
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Lidbury Self Portrait Painting 

as when he was a child.

Child Raped by Multiple persons (1966-1970). Emotionally Re-Raped by Homophobic Devon & Cornwall Constabulary over period of decades

The pedophiles who raped Lidbury (above) from when he was  age 6 through to age 10yrs only did so

for three or four years.


Whereas Devon & Cornwall police (& more lately other organisations, inc. Intercom Trust) have perpetuated & compounded

that child rape over a period

of  three decades.

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