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Homocentric Male Nude in Art

created by gay artist Malcolm Lidbury


Male Nude Paintings, Drawings, Photgraphy, Digital images, Ceramics  & Sculpture:


Andy Smith, was Lidburys first art muse.  Following the death of Andy in Dec 1996 & meeting a new partner, ‘Matt M’, in spring 1997 Lidbury began to concentrate upon his homocentric art.


Lidbury painting of partner Matt

Self-portrait Lidbury: ‘A moment of madness’


Oct 1997: Cornishman newspaper 'Exhibition of Paintings & Sculpture'

Nov 1997: Penzance Arts Club Review


Nov 1997: Cornishman newspaper 'Cast of legs & torsos'  

Nov 1997: Boyz newspaper 'Art out of Boyz'

Lidbury bronzes exhibited


Lidbury attempted to start a gay art workshops in Cornwall.

Unfortunately there was more interest by Cornwall's gay groups in hanging out in public toilets than gay art workshops

Aug 1998: Pink Paper 'Gay Art Workshops in Cornwall'

Sept 1998: Guyz Magazine 'Cornwall Gay Workshops'

When Lidbury & his partner Matt M parted company, other male friends came forward to model for Lidbury’s art.


Nov 1998: Boyfriend & Art Muse (1998-2004) Lidbury met Rob M who had just

left Southampton University.   Rob was to be Lidbury’s partner & art muse 1998

until 2004.


Homoerotic Art Museum


Lidbury painting of his partner Rob


Lidbury painting of his partner Rob


Lidbury sculpture based upon his partner Rob

Lidbury sculpture based upon his partner Rob


After Lidbury & Rob parted company in Sept 2004 many other young men came forward

to assist Lidbury with his art


However, following a prolonged period (on going) of police homophobic vendetta

& intimidation the last painting Lidbury did was of his then partner Paul (Diddy) in 2005


All the young men upon which Lidbury Art is based kindly gave their permission

at the time of photography & were of legal age as the law stood at the time of

images being taken.


NO HETEROSEXUALS were harmed in making of Lidbury Art 

Homocentric Art by Lidbury

A THANK YOU - Tribute to Lads who made the Art possible

Credit where credit is due!

NB: Many in some LGBT groups in Cornwall seem only interested in public toilet sex, trashy pop music & the over rated/over priced back street gay bar scene.  Lidbury has always been interested in a far broader & much more diverse LGBT life both politically & culturally.  In particular for him the appreciation of the male form through various art medium.  The hostility exhibited towards the Male Nude in Art by the likes of Cornwall Pride & Intercom Trust is both concerning, truely shocking.


It is not only gay peoples lives which would be less rich & culturally diverse if it were not for the young men who modelled for the paintings of Cornwall celebrated artist Henry Scott Tuke RA.  Cornwall's Art History as a whole would be very much the poorer.  Likewise the young men who have over the years aided Lidbury with his own homocentric art.


Gay Equality & HIV/AIDS campaigner, Artist & Sculptor Malcolm Lidbury is now a housebound virtual recluse.  He no longer paints following the relentless homophobic police campaign against him since 2004. 





LGBT History Project Gay Sculptures 2016


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