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March 1995 – on going. Devon & Cornwall police ran an active campaign targeting gay/bisexual men in Cornwall. Devon & Cornwall police ran an agent provocateur sting against gay/bi men in Cornwall.  Some victims contacted Lidbury who as editor ran an article in the ICT LGBT newsletter.  The Devon & Cornwall police were breaching Home Office guidelines issued some years previously on stopping of use of deliberate police entrapment using ‘pretty-boy’ police officers in areas frequented by ‘some’ gay/bi men.


Mch 95: The LGBT newspaper Pink Paper ran it as a front page article.


Matthew Taylor Mp also took up the issue of police targeting gay/bi men. At the time local business traders in some of Cornwall’s High Streets were being told by police there was insufficient police manpower available to deal with a spate of high street vandalism & criminal damage to business properties in Cornwall.


Lidbury responded through the local press to the police homophobic hate campaign of targeting police resources at gay men.


Mch 95: Packet Newspapers Letters 'Hardened Criminals'

Mch 95  Pink Paper 'Pervert Patrols'

Apr 95: ICT front page RE; Devon & Cornwall police anti-gay campaign




Gay Times Magazine 200th Edition


May 1995: Gay Times Magazine named Lidbury in the 200th celebratory edition as one of the top 200 gay people in Britain for his contribution to gay community, equality & HIV/AIDS campaigning and awareness in Cornwall.


Gay Times Magazine 200th edition UK top 200 LGBT people:


One memorable fan subscriber to the ICT newsletter a gay man called ‘Charles’ & his life partner David.  Charles was in his 80’s and had contributed written contribution testimony to the 1957 Wolfendon report on decriminalization of homosexuality in the UK.


Charles said to Lidbury:

Remember, we as gay people are only ever one government away from the gas chambers”


"...and it will be the police who march us to the death camps"


Charles made the valid point that during WWII, in the only part of the British Isles which fell under Nazi control was the Channel Isles.  There it was the BRITISH police who rounded up & identified Jews to the Nazi for deportation from the Channel Isles to the death camps.


NB; In 2015 over 40,000 gay men in the UK still have criminal records for offences which are no longer a criminal offence.  Ever single one of those gay men targeted specifically by police for their sexual orientation.  Having police take part in uniform in any gay PRIDE event should be as nauseating & vomit inducing to every gay person as should be Neo-Nazi being allowed to take part in Jewish Holocaust memorial service


"Gay Pride was NOT  born of a need to celebrate being gay,

but the right to exist without persicution"


The UK police are & will always be the nemisis & persicutors of LGBT persons, no matter how good their PR & spin.


The initial comment by Charles has never left Lidbury who has encountered gross homophobic protected prejudice from Devon & Cornwall police & from other authorities, including LGBT groups in Cornwall.  The words of 80yr old Charles still ring true today. As without vigilance hard won advances in LGBT equality can be lost or given away by those some now running 'some' LGBT organisations who sellout hard won rights & freedoms for 30 pieces of funding.


In 1933 Berlin Germany was the most liberal city in Europe in accepting gay people. By the end of WWII over 10,000+ LGBT person had been sent to Nazi concentration camps. 


Lest we forget. Sprocket Trust supported video viewed


(253,000 views up to Mch 2015)



NB: 2004: Police Homophobia & ignoring of Hate Crimes against gay persons in Cornwall became a bitter issue from 2004.  Lidbury made a formal complaint against a police officer & became the police target of a voracious homophobically motivated police hate campaign & vendetta.....still on going.


2016: If you think UK police are on gay people's side...THINK AGAIN! 

Estimates vary, but a THIRD upwards of ALL gay/bisexual men in the UK could soon be criminalised (again) in the UK by a litle bit of 'back passage' legisalation. Police will be rooting around in gay bedrooms again.


Poppers (alkyl nitrites) used by many as a relaxent during anal sex are to become an illegal drug..& potential criminal penalties harsh.


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