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1996 - Death of a Gay Cornishman


Andrew Roger Smith (1967 -1996)


Dec 20th 1996: Lidbury’s partner Andrew Roger

Smith died age 29yrs.


Andrew passed away at his home in the arms of

his partner Malcolm Lidbury.


Lidbury’s Funeral Eulogy for Andrew


Dec 96: Western Morning News 'Red Ribbon Day'

Jan 97: National LGBT Pink Paper 'Cornish Fighter Dies'

Jan 97: Packet Newspapers 'Death of AIDS campaigner'  

Jan 97: Packet Newspapers 'Over 200 attend funeral'

Jan 97: West Briton 'HIV campaigner dies at 29 yrs'

Jan 97: West Briton 'SMITH'

Feb 97 Positive Times 'Andrew Smith'



On Christmas Day 1996 following the death of Andy just five days earlier, Lidbury, Andy’s parents & family sat down to a somber Christmas dinner together. 


A neighbor informed the family there were pages of Christmas Day tribute to Andy on both CEEFAX & TELETEX on the television. 


Youtube video:- Cornwall Pride in Cornish Gay Boy


Jan 97: Packet Newspapers

'Gay campaigner vows to continue his legal battle' 


1997: following the HIV/AIDS related death of Andrew Roger Smith, Lidbury posthumously won on behalf of his former partner a public apology at an inquiry held at Truro Cornwall County Hall from Cornwall County Council for adverse treatment and failure to deliver statutory care to Andrew as a gay HIV/AIDS sufferer.


Nigel Druce, then director of Cornwall Social Services did not have the courage to sign the letter of apology himself & had an assistant do it. 


As Cornwall council had denied Andy the right to be heard whilst he was still alive, Lidbury had taken Andrews ashes into the Council Chambers for the purposes of the inquiry.


Lidbury: "They refused Andy the right to come here when he was alive, so I brought him along now he's dead"


The council seemed more concerned Lidbury might distribute Andy's ashes arround the Council chamber, than they were about the rampant homophobic & HIV/AIDS discrimination & prejudice harboured within Cornwall's authorities. 


Apr 97: Western Morning News 'AIDS man let down by system' 

Apr 97: West Briton 'Posthumous apology'


Apr 97: West Briton

Apr 97: Cornishman Newspaper


NB: If you have concerns regarding HIV/AIDS or your sexual health in Cornwall 

KPS              Kernow Positive Support

GU Clinics   RCH Opening Hours 


Next go to -  Gay Mens Health Project - Cornwall



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