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2011 - Cornwall Pride Committee 

Ban Gay Art & Gay Artist


Jan/Feb 2011: Lidbury approached Cornwall Pride with a view to exhibit as a local gay artist his sculptures at the LGBT event in Truro.


Lidbury was turned down flat. It was made known ‘in no uncertain terms’ that as an artist & gay man Lidbury was not welcome at Truro Cornwall Pride.


Lidbury queried his being banned from Cornwall Pride.  Since coming out as a gay man in 1989 he had not been charged with any criminal offence.  Yet the then Cornwall Pride treasurer & sponsor ST Pearce (Company records show Pearce was also a business partner of C Diamont, Pride organizer) had been arrested & charged with multiple criminal offences of fraud, but was still in post as the Cornwall Pride treasurer?


Lidbury was aware of the criminal charges against the Cornwall Pride Treasurer as he, Lidbury was one of hundreds of unfortunate  business clients of Pearce who had been informed by HM  Tax fraud investigators of the Criminal investigation into the accountant Pearce, who was Cornwall Pride Treasurer .  However, Cornwall Pride Committee & other LGBT groups Cornwall were in absolute denial & voraciously turned on Lidbury for his raising concerns with them.


Western Morning News 'Accountant accused £1 million Tax Fraud'


Feb 2011: ‘Cornwall Gay Pride 2011 Their 'Equality & Diversity' is a complete Fairy Tale!’ (1,855 views up to 2015)


Apr 2011: Local Gay Artists Cornish Sculpture BANNED from Cornwall Gay Pride 2011 (11,218 views up to 2015)




March 2011: A voracious internet hate campaign exploded against Lidbury primarily on Facebook from some members of Cornwall Pride committee & their supporters. Included in hate campaign to silence Lidbury were hostile contribution by the civil partner of the accountant/Pride treasurer (The accountant/Pride treasurer & sponsor later convicted of £2 million+ tax fraud in 2014).


NB: Several internet items showing the online hate campaign by then Cornwall Pride committee members were submitted in a civil court case 2013 by Lidbury as defense evidence to try to prevent a gagging order to prevent him from speaking about various criminal activities that Lidbury had been made aware of.


Lidbury was banned from Cornwall Pride by then Chair Neil Hawke (According to company house records Hawke was another business partner of C Diamont, who was a business partner of ST Pearce).


Lidbury knew of the arrest & charges against the accountant/Cornwall Pride Treasurer PEARCE as Lidbury had raised concerns & been in personal communication with the HM Tax fraud investigators. Lidbury was a former business client of the accountant & was one of 100’s of businesses adversely affected by the criminal actions of the accountant (& treasurer/sponsor of Cornwall Pride)..


Lidbury on advice from HM Tax Fraud Investigators had raised further concerns in writing with Devon & Cornwall police about the hate campaign directed against Lidbury, Pearce’s activities & the criminal activities of yet another, which Lidbury was aware of.  Devon & Cornwall Police were disinterested & dismissive.


Cornwall Pride & some of their associates denied accountant ST Pearce of St. Austell (also Cornwall Pride treasurer/sponsor) had been arrested & charged with multiple criminal offences.  Hate & bile spewed out directed personally at Lidbury from some Cornwall Pride committee members (& others) in a voracious hate campaign targeted specifically against Lidbury for having raised concerns for Cornwall Pride & the treasurer/sponsors criminal activities.  The accountant/treasurer already having been charged with multiple criminal offences.


A further vindictive response was issued and widely circulated by Cornwall Pride committee against Lidbury to the allegation that the accountant (their Cornwall Pride treasurer & Pride sponsor) had been arrested & charged


Western Morning News 'Accountant accused of £1 million tax fraud'


2013: Two years later Lidbury, as a gay man banned by Cornwall Pride  was still being shown texts circulated within the Cornwall gay community denying there were even any charges against the accountant (& treasurer of Cornwall Pride) & no court case. 


Lidbury immediately contacted Truro Crown Court directly.  Truro Crown Court confirmed the criminal prosecution court case of the accountant ST Pearce was ongoing & listed. Cornwall pride committee (& others) were in complete utter denial & along with other LGBT groups in Cornwall & Exeter continued to relentlessly attack Lidbury.


Intercom Trust, Rainbow Source FM, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Cornwall Pride, LGBTpact, FFLAG, etc. all ignored correspondence from Lidbury & supported through silence the voracious homophobic police instigated Hate Campaign against Lidbury as a gay whistleblower (& CSA survivor). 


These local Cornwall & Exeter lgbt groups have continued to be sycophantically appeasing towards the homophobic police force.  These lgbt orgs in complete denial of the problem of a corrupt & discriminatory Devon & Cornwall police force.


Lidbury: "In the rush to metaphorically get into bed with traditionally homophobic police, some lgbt orgs like Intercom Trust & Cornwall Pride have lost complete sight of whom 'they' are supposed to actually be helping/supporting, ie. lgbt people, victims of institutional hate crime'


Lidbury in his 2015 witness victim testimony submitted to the statutory 'Goddard Inquiry'   has identified these Cornwall & Exeter lgbt orgs as specifically having aided police in both covering up historic CHILD RAPE & HOMOPHOBIC HATE CRIMES. None of the LGBT orgs  supported Lidbury as a gay victim of police homophobic abuse & in some cases these lgbt orgs like Intercom & Cornwall Pride actively contributed to the hate crimes.


March 29th 2011: Concerted Hate campaign directed at Lidbury by Cornwall Pride Committee members & others on Facebook.  (Copies of these hate pages & names of those who took part held securely by third party for legal reasons).


2011: Various Incidents: These are publicly restricted by a civil action at Truro court 2013 a gagging order against Lidbury preventing him from speaking out publicly on these issues.  Some of the issues covered by the court gagging order imposed upon Lidbury to silence him, can legally & will be disclosed by Lidbury to the statutory Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.


Next go to - Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist Report



Gay Cornwall LGBT History
Cornwall Gay Pride History

(Above & below) Sculpture created by gay artist Lidbury banned by Cornwall Pride Committee as not suitable for an LGBT Pride event 

When Lidbury raised concerns about massive tax fraud by the accountant who was Cornwall LGBT Pride treasurer & sponsor, the local Gay Mafia running Cornwall’s LGBT groups

turned a blind eye. 


Some even joining in with a concerted hate campaign against Lidbury to silence him as a gay whistle-blower about the massive £2 million tax fraud.


Some of the same LGBT organisations previously informed, (like Intercom Trust) have attempted through a hate campaign (recorded as a hate incident by Devon & Cornwall police committed by Intercom Trust) to prevent Lidbury as a survivor of child rape & a pedophile ring when he was 6 -10yrs old from giving his witness testimony to the statutiory Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abvuse



Lidbury "I am at a lose why the Intercom Trust is so determined

to try to prevent my giving evidence as a child rape survivor to the Inquiry into Child Sexual abuse & the interconnected homophobic practises of authorities in Cornwall


...what are INTERCOM  TRUST trying to hide?"

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