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Apr 2014: The subsequent Criminal Court case against Lidbury’s former accountant Simon Pearce (Pearce also was  Cornwall Pride treasurer/sponsor) case started at Truro Crown Court in 2014. It was estimated to last about ten weeks & one of the longest trials ever to be held at Truro Crown Court.


The original criminal charges against Pearce were for 1 million tax fraud by the accountant (who was also   Cornwall Pride Treasurer/Sponsor), this became £2 million as further evidence was revealed. 


The HMRC website of criminal Tax convictions now lists it as being between £2-10 million of tax fraud.



St Austell, England


Between £2,000,000 and £10,000,000


A case of a tax agent operating a Self-Assessment fraud. He submitted fraudulent returns in respect of 1,000 clients' accounts, then diverted the tax refunds into his own account, in lieu of payments. The total amount of fraud was between £2 million and £10 million. He received total sentences of 89 years for 256 offences and will serve 7 years as the sentences are concurrent.


BBC News 'Accountant Simon Pearce jailed for tax fraud'


Western Morning News

'Cheating accountant jailed for Cornwall's biggest ever tax dodge'


...and still Cornwall Pride in particular some members of the Pride committee were in utter denial & still persecuted Lidbury for blowing the whistle on the Tax fraud


Apr 2014: ‘2014 Truro Cornwall PRIDE (Gay) LGBT Information Video’

(743 views up to 2015)


Whereas those who collaborated & contributed in the online hate campaign 2011 against Lidbury (encouraged by police misfeasance) were welcome & frequently attended at BarQdos, a small backstreet gay bar in Truro (owned by Cornwall Pride committee member), Lidbury as a gay man was/is barred & not welcome at either BarQdos, Cornwall Pride, & had been excluded from Healthy Gay Cornwall, LGBTpact, FFLAG, Intercom Trust, Rainbow Source FM, OutAbout & GOC Cornwall


NB: All those running these Cornwall LGBT orgs seemed absolutely determined by silence & exclusion/ostracization of Lidbury to aid & collaborate in the covering up of not only the massive tax fraud by the accountant/treasurer/sponsor of Cornwall Pride, but also the police homophobic abuses directed at Lidbury to cover up police instigated hate crimes & police covering up of Lidbury being a survivor victim of historic child rape.


Former employees of ST Pearce accountants have stated that Pearce & a former Chair of Pride C Diamont were alleged to be business partners with a view to purchase a gay venue in the Westcountry. This business partnership along with criminal charges against Pearce was denied by many associated with both Cornwall Pride & BarQdos, however Simon Pearce & Christian Diamant were both in business together with Q Dos Entertainment (UK) Ltd, as company records show 


Simon Pearce spent considerable amounts of money which crossed over his business partner C Diamonts bar at BarQdos, Truro


NB: Bar Qdos Truro suddenly closed May 2015

The premises reopened as 'DeJavu' August 2015 under completely  NEW ownership.  We wish them luck.


Mr Diamont & business associates purchased the Swallow Pub in Plymouth


Interestingly company records show Neil Hawke, (former chair of Cornwall Pride) who banned Lidbury's Art (as a gay sculptural artist from Cornwall Pride) also a business partner with Mr Diamant in other ventures






When Lidbury as a former client of PEARCE the accountant, had raised his concerns with Devon & Cornwall police about Pearce & yet another person prior to the 2014 court case, just like Cornwall Pride committee, the Devon & Cornwall police had not wanted to know.


NB. There was yet another’s criminal activity which Lidbury had on advice from HM tax fraud investigators he reported for other criminal activity to the disinterested Devon & Cornwall police.


2014 a substantial file was given to HM Tax inspectors at Priorslee tax office.  It was noted by the tax fraud investigator of ‘Clear evidence of tax fraud’.  Lidbury was able to facilitate & organise the return of associated stolen property he'd reported to Cornwall police, but been ignored, back to the lawful owner in front of witnesses in 2014.


Despite Lidbury having raised these various cases with police years previously, police did not want to know then… & still don’t want to know now 2015.


Next go to  Not quite Tom of Finland, but still Finland



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