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In 2007 Lidbury started the Pink Pasty Video Channel on Youtube. Up until 2015 the awareness video Lidbury had created on his channel had been viewed in excess of 3.5 million views. 


NB:  The figure had exceeded over 4 million views, however as a result of a court gagging order in 2013 Lidbury was compelled to remove some videos which identified a particular person.


2007: Lidbury 1st attempts at a youtube awareness videos


‘Cornish Homophobia Hurts' 


'Big Brother Homophobia! Cornwall Police=Gay Hate Crime! 

Cornwall HIV/AIDS BATTLE against Cornish prejudice! 


Cornwall Authority Abuse of Gay Youth! 

Originally posted on the gay youths own youtube channel


‘Gay Male Art & Homophobic Cornwall Police’ 


 ‘Gay Art Male Artist Police Homophobia Queer Boy’ 



Urban dictionary definition of a ‘Twink




 ‘GAY PRIDE & Devon & Cornwall Constabulary’ 


 ‘Gay Boy’ 


 ‘Gay Male Youth’



‘The Male Nude Naked Body in Art’ 


‘The Emperor's Naked Youth Gay Male Boy Friend’ 


‘Gay Teen Boy Youth "Hate Crime"    

‘Naked Gay Male Nude Parody’ 


‘Gay Sex Crime Holocaust’  

WARNING: Disturbing war crime images


‘Naked Male Muscle’ 


‘Art of Gay Male Love’ 


‘Gay Male Naked Images’ 


‘Spunk & Naked Men...Tate Gallery Art’ 


‘Naked Gay Male Youth Nude II’ 


‘Gay Teen Boy Abuse: Bullying & Homophobia’  

(Originally posted on the Cornwall gay youths own video channel).


‘Gay: Male Nude Art Photography’

‘Indecent Male Nudity ...or Art?’ 


‘Male Life Drawing Model II’ 



Based on STONEWALL State of Homophobic Hate Crime Britain in 2008.


‘Sore Willy: Gay Cartoons’ 

Lidbury’s ‘Sore Willy’ character later became ‘Stinky’ the phallic fungi in later HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns


‘Gay Youth Nude in Art’ 


‘Rock Hard & Naked Men: I’ 


‘Male Nude (1) Gay Art’ 


‘Naked Male Nude Icon’ 


‘The Naked Male’  



Over 1 MILLION views had been made of Lidbury's videos on Youtube by Jan 2009 raising awareness of continuing problem of harbored & protected homophobic attitudes & practices still prevalent within the Cornwall authorities: In particular the HOMOPHOBIC Cornwall police force. (NB 2015: This figure now stands at over 3.5 million video views & would have exceeded 4 million had some videos not been forcibly removed as a result of a court gagging order 2013 in part to cover up evidence of the 6hr video tape given to police in 2010: RE; child rape & police homophobia)


‘Henry Scott Tuke – it’s not child porn Stupid’ 


‘NO HELP for Homeless Gay Teenage Boy’

‘Gay Hate Crime, Homophobia & HIV: Shattered Lives’ 


‘Militant HIV AIDS Mushrooms (GAY & STR8)’ 


‘HIV AIDS Cornwall. 'STINKY' a Cornish Mushroom!’ 




‘Devon Cornwall Police Hate Crime’ 

Devon & Cornwall police tried to have video removed



Tribute to Andrew Smith Libury’s former partner (deceased)


‘Devon Cornwall Police Equality Diversity ACPO’ 


‘Gay Artists Male Models’ 

Lidbury’s tribute to young men who contributed to his art & life


‘Christian Gay Male Naked Art: Michelangelo’ 


‘Ages of Gay Male Teen Sexual Consent in Europe’ 


‘Gay Male Art - Japanese Knotwork’ 


‘Gay; Prolific American Male Nude artist’

‘Mexican Gay Male Nude Artist: Felix d'Eon’ 


‘Gay Sexual Symmetry: Homoerotic Art Prints’ 

Lidbury’s own photographic art work


'Cornwall PRIDE 2010 (LGBT UK)' 


‘POLICE! Gay Sex Parasites? Challenge Homophobia & Hate Crime!’ 


‘Independent Police Complaints Commission’ 


'Cornwall Gay Pride 2010'   




'Cornwall PRIDE in Cornish Gay Boy' 


'Gay Video of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Police Chief Constable' 


‘Gay Interest: Religious Sacred Divine Phallus Phallic Penis worship’

‘Dutch Naked Bronze Boys Male Nude Art Sculpture’ 


‘Gay, Pagan, Cornish Male Nude Art Sculptures by Malcolm Lidbury’  

Lidbury’s own sculpture creations


‘More Celtic Cornish Art Sculpture Devon & Cornwall Police would Destroy?’ 


‘Shocking Anti - gay Police HATE CRIME video’    




‘Cornwall Gay Pride 2011 Their 'Equality & Diversity' is a complete Fairy Tale!’ 


‘Male Sculptures by Neil Godfrey from Cornwall’

‘Cornwall Police Hate Crime Homophobia against gay male nude artist’ 


‘Local Gay Artists Cornish Sculpture BANNED from Cornwall Gay Pride 2011’ 


‘Banned Male Nude Art by Gay Artist under ATTACK!  

Cornwall LGBT Pride ban on Lidbury gay art


‘South American: Male Nude Art’ 



2012 - 2014 As a result of a court gagging order videos produced in this period were compelled to be removed including reference to Lidbury having been raped & sexually abused as a 6yr old child.  A determination on the part of the authortites & others to cover up & intimidate Lidbury from speaking out.




‘Male Nude Art: Artist - Koh Hideki : 1951 - living : Japan’ 


‘Male Nude Art - Philip Swarbrick 1956 - living South Africa’ 


‘Male Nude Art - Cristobal Sanchez Lopez. 1966- living’ 


‘Homoerotic Male Body in Art Kimura Ben (Jan 1947 - Feb 2003)’ 


‘Male Nude Art - Hernan Gimenez (1964 -Living)’ 


‘Public Male Nudes "Stadium of marbles", Rome, Italy’ 


‘Male Stained Glass Art of Diego Tolomelli’ 


‘Roberto Gonzalez Fernandez’ 


‘Yuni Young Male and Shemale Zodiac Signs’


‘2014 Cornwall PRIDE, £2 MILLION Tax Fraud & Male Nude Art’  


‘Male Nude Art of Paul Allam’ 


‘Gay Male Digital Cartoon Art of Sven de Rennes (1971 - living)’ 


Homeless Gay Youth - Cornwall Film short’  

Originally made in 2008 by the youth for a film shorts competition


‘Some Cornwall LGBT Gay History (They don't want you to know!)’ 

Made for Proud2b project


‘Male Nudes - Stained by HOMOPHOBIA’ 


‘Male Nude Art of Kirill Fadeyev (1977- living) Ukraine’ 


‘Elisàr von Kupffer (1872 -- 1942) Male Nude Art’ 



OK 2 B Gay, Not in Cornwall UK? LGBT History Art Project 2016    

Cornwall Gay Art Sculpture & History LGBT Project 2016 


Child Sexual Abuse - Devon Cornwall Police Child Rape Victim statement to IICSA 

NB: Up until January 2017 there had been over 4 million+ views of videos created by Lidbury on his pinkpasty video channel. With a youtube subscription base of approx. 3,000+ channel subscribers. With an average of 12,000+ views per month.


Next go to -  Online Hate Crime Police Attitudes Brighton –v- Cornwall



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